Wonderful, Powerful YOU!

Think and Act Out of Your Box!

Rationalists, wearing square hats,

Think, in square rooms,

Looking at the floor,

Looking at the ceiling.

They confine themselves

To right-angled triangles.

If they tried rhomboids,

Cones, waving lines, ellipses –

As, for example, the ellipse of the half-moon –

Rationalists would wear sombreros. 

~ Wallace Stevens

Would you say that you think inside of the box, or outside of it? Are you all about right-angled triangles, or are you more of a ellipses kind of girl? Do you like the way your square hat fits, or are you getting all excited about what you will wear with that new red sombrero?

What is your body language like? As you read this, are your legs crossed? Are your shoulders caving inward, or EXPANDING with an open heart? How are you feeling? Are you feeling small and collapsed, or are you feeling really LARGE and EXPANDED?

Being able to think and act outside of your comfort zone, and empower your moments through positive use of your body language, is critical to your personal success. Taking responsibility for the fact that we have a choice in how we show up, is the first big step in moving our success forward and up!

Think back on a time you had a somewhat intense or awkward moment. Whether it was a meeting with a challenging client, a job interview, a company presentation, or a difficult conversation. Do you remember how you felt right before the event began? What was your body language conveying as you began, and as you continued through to the end? Did you continue to actively participate, or at some point did you feel yourself “check out”?

Studies show that women tend to collapse their body language, and pull back from participating, when they feel less powerful. Our male counterparts tend to expand, and become more engaged in similar situations. Without going into too much detail, the two hormones that determine how we “show up” are testosterone, the dominance hormone, and cortisol, the stress or reactive hormone. The best combination of the two, is to have a combination of high testosterone, and low cortisol. You don’t want to be LARGE and LARGELY reactive! Studies show that effective leaders have a high amount of testosterone, and a low level of cortisol.

So let’s say you show up as a collapser, and SO want to show up as an EXPANDER!! Is there something that you can do to turn this around? Absolutely! You’ve heard the term “fake it ‘til you make it”? Does it work? ABSOLUTELY! Will you feel a tad bit challenged around being your authentic self? Perhaps, but remember, you didn’t come out of the womb running! Think of it more like Amy Cuddy, behavioral psychologist states in her video, “Your body language shapes who you are.” , “fake it until you become it”!

Are you up for trying a new approach? Take off that square hat, and build out a new you! Start off each morning  with a simple 5 minutes of meditation, breathing in and out with a focus on the powerful you! If you are really feeling on the edge, learn a few asanas, or yoga poses that will help you reduce your cortisol levels, and begin your day with focus and calm. As you commute into the office, or on your way to that challenging conversation, recite your power lines that you organized the night before. When you get where you are going, duck into the restroom, your cubical or an empty conference room, and practice a few power poses! Feel the difference!

When your moment is on, don’t look at the floor and don’t gaze up at the ceiling! Remember YOU made the choice to show up in your RED Sombrero, so “Work it Girl”, and look them straight in the eye with LARGE EXPANSION!

My Red Sombrero

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